Are you wary of using synthetic hormones for the purpose of breast growth?  You do not have to worry about that anymore since there is now a safer way to be able to achieve the bust size that you want without worrying about the side effects. The bioidentical breast growth hormones is a sure way of helping you obtain bigger boobs.

You might think:  “How does it work and why is it considered a safe method?” Here’s the explanation: the bioidentical breast growth hormones are not created using chemically produced hormones. Yes, the hormones are still created in a laboratory, however, unlike the usual synthetic chemicals that are being used that could really be harmful for your health, the bioidentical breast growth hormones comes from natural sources such as plants, soybeans and other organic products. The reason for this is that the hormones that are the byproducts of these natural foods are almost similar to the human hormones, hence the term “bioidentical”. The hormones that are created from these natural byproducts do the same actions as the hormones that are in the body, which is why the bioidentical hormones can also promote breast growth in women.

Aside from the increase in bust size, there are also other benefits that the bioidentical breast growth hormones can do. As was mentioned a while ago and you also probably know the intake of hormones from unnatural sources to promote bigger boobs has bad side effects for the health, one of which is cancer. In taking the bioidentical breast growth hormones to replace the chemically produced hormones, your health will actually be enhanced in the good way. Bioidentically produced hormones such as the estrogen will also help avoid the hot flashes that are common in menopausal stage and is a very annoying feeling since it will also cause irritability as well as low sexual urges.

One of the tests that you have to take in order to be able to see if the hormones are compatible for your body is the saliva test wherein a sample of your saliva will be tested in the laboratory to see if it is compatible with the hormones. Another test will be taking a sample of your blood with the same purposes. This is another reason why the bioidentical hormones are safer to use for boob growth since you will be undergoing tests first before you take the hormones. Since it will be undergoing tests, you will also know if you are sensitive to the hormones because there are cases wherein the human body will not accept the hormones that are introduced and it might cause allergies and other side effects, although since it is as close to natural as possible, incompatibility and sensitivity issues are lesser.

Through this new way of hormone replacement, you will now be able to achieve the breast size that you have been dreaming of, and best of all you will be able to obtain this in the safest way possible without side effects!

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